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Connecting Patients with Global Doctors for Ideal Consultations and Prescriptions

Our Services

Telehealth Consultations

Connect with top doctors remotely for consultations and prescriptions.

Data Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of patient profiles for precise diagnoses and treatments.

Mobile Healthcare Units

Bringing essential healthcare services to underserved regions with specialized mobile clinics.

Our Story of Innovation

TeliMedex is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by providing innovative telehealth solutions globally.

Founded with a vision to bring excellence in medical care through teleconsultation and collaboration.


Telehealth Solutions

Connect with Top Doctors Remotely for Medical Advice and Prescriptions.


Lab Collaborations

Seamless Data Syncing for Precise Diagnoses and Treatment Suggestions.


Mobile Healthcare Units

Bringing Essential Healthcare Services to Underserved Communities in Pakistan.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Accessible Healthcare

Breaking Geographical Barriers for All to Access Quality Medical Care.

Innovative Solutions

Embrace Technology to Address Evolving Healthcare Needs Effectively.

Empowering Communities

Equip Individuals with Knowledge for Informed Health Choices and Better Well-being.

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